Precision Theatrical Effects Europe B.V.

Precision Theatrical Effects is a CE-certified supplier of high quality pyrotechnic articles, and other products, equipment and services for indoor and outdoor fireworks displays, as well as for the special effects entertainment industry.

World wide, we sell and distribute CE-approved products from a select group of manufacturers such as NextFX, our main supplier.

Precision Theatrical Effects is the official European importer of NextFX.

We employ logistical experts and safety advisors who make sure that all shipments comply to the applicable regulations – domestic and international – so products will arrive on time. Precision Theatrical Effects Europe B.V. is CE-certified, and A-certified by the Dutch authorities to ship dangerous goods - including explosives - by air.


Precision Theatrical Effects Europe B.V. strives to provide the highest quality standards of products and services.

Safe Use of Pyrotechnics:

Safety is our utmost concern. We will only sell pyrotechnics and explosives to those companies or persons who have a current explosives license on file.

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Privacy Policy:

Precision Theatrical Effects Europe B.V. will in no way share information provided by customers or visitors to our website, or by any other manner, except as set forth below.

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General Terms and Conditions of Sale - Product Warranty:

The performance listed in our product catalog and on our labels are correct to the best of our knowledge. However we assume no liability for the proper use of products supplied.

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